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Mukti, an escape from hapless poverty, social preconceived notion and a new approach to life where each and every child finds a safe and a loving environment to grow up and where their self dignity is respected and upheld.
Mukti’s philosophy is that no child should be deprived of the right to life, survival and development which is at stake for those children who live on the railway stations, streets, where abuse is prevalent in all forms and the risk of accidents is always present.

Mukti is the only single umbrella provider for vulnerable children in Kolkata

Mukti Rehabilitation Centre is committed to provide treatment and rehabilitation to street and platform children suffering from the disease of addiction along with health care and support regardless of age race or religion. Empowering communities to deal with addiction and other problems like health care and life threatening diseases through awareness and intervention programs.

Rehabilitation Program
Deaddiction Program
Outreach Program
Educational Program
Computer Literacy
Vocational Training - Tailoring