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Addicted street children and children residing on Sealdah station platform are identified and brought to the drop in centre located at Sealdah.  At times parents/family members of addicted children bring them to the drop in centre. The centre in-charge initiates the primary rehabilitation effort by engaging the children with small time activities ranging from indoor games, group activities, one-to one interaction etc. The children are provided with a mid day meal and kept engaged for 4-5 hours every day to reduce the extent of their exposure to the external environment which enticed them to drug addiction.

An assessment of the children of drop-in centre is made periodically to review their progress and the better performing children are then brought to the main rehabilitation centre located at Dashadrone, Rajarhat. Poor performers are continued at the drop in centre till their performance justifies their inclusion in the core rehabilitation program at the main centre.

Detoxification and core rehabilitation program starts at the main centre. The program consists of the following focal methodology conducted under the supervision of expert personnel: