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He is the 2nd son of his parent. His late father was a taxi driver and also addicte. He has one elder and one younger brother. His mother Amina Khatun is a housewife. His father used to spend his earnings over alcohol. Maintaining the family was the biggest challenge to his mother and thus she sent her children to earn. Washim started working at a very early age and didn’t get the chance of going school. He started working in a leather factory and soon became a good wallet maker. Primarily he used to give his earnings to his mother but as soon as he was introduced to drugs by his co workers, he stopped giving money in home instead started spending it on his addiction. After the demise of his father, who died untimely due to his addiction problem, his mother brought Washim to Mukti Rehabilitation Centre for his well being and rehabilitation. Washim was in a bad physical condition when he came to our de-addiction unit. He was treated by our doctors and after detoxification, when he was stable; we put him under the rehabilitation program.
After observing him for a period of time and finding his aptitude good, we have decided to put him into a Driving Training Course as it will help him in finding his footsteps in mainstream society in future. During training he proved his efficiency in this particular field and got his DRIVING LICENSE.
Now he is a Licensed Driver moving forward to a bright future.



Puja Singh

She is around 17 years old. She will be appearing for Madhyamik Examination next year and is very excited.Puja is a first generation learner. Nobody in her family is literate. Her father works as a casual labourer in a cloth shop and mother does odd jobs. The family lives in a shanty near Chengail Station. They are always on their toes due to threats of eviction since the shanty is on Railway land.
Life was a struggle for Puja right from childhood and being a girl made it more difficult for her. Puja wanted to go to school and was interested in studies. But due to abject poverty as well as social stigma which prevents girls from attending school and pursuing higher education she could not attend a proper formal school. The non formal school run by Mukti in Chengail provided an opportunity for her to pursue education. She has been coming to school regularly and participates in all extracurricular activities. She is a very cheerful and resilient girl and has endured a lot of hardship to come this far. Puja is a role model for other children who are also 1s generation learners and also involved in some form of child labour.
Puja will be appearing for her Madhyamik Examination through the Open School system which will be held in February/March 2017and is preparing for the same with the help of our teachers.



Sabina Bibi

Sabina Bibi was 18 years old when she took admission at our Vocational Training Program for Women (Tailoring). At that early age she was the mother of a 2 years old girl child. Her parents insisted her to get married at the age of 16 due to financial constraint at home. She had to stop her education after School Final examination and got married. Her husband works as supervisor in construction sites and his earnings isn’t enough for their family. Nusrat decided to do something of her own to maintain the family. She waited till her daughter reached the age of 2 and then contacted us and expressed her desire to take training in Tailoring. She took admission at our Tailoring Unit and started taking training in cutting & stitching. She was efficient and completed her course successfully.

Now she is earning and contributing in family with the help of expertise she has obtained from our Tailoring Unit.
She has purchased a sewing machine and taking orders of making items like Blouses, Salwar Kurtis, Petticoats etc which she has learnt to make at our training centre. Her endeavor is really appreciable as she is trying to make designer Kurtis and what she is delivering is worth mentioning. The kurti she is wearing in her photo is made by her.
Though at present she is running her business from a corner of her small bedroom with the help of just one machine, which she has purchased on loan but she dreams to own a boutique of her own in future and we believe that she will reach her desired destination with the help of her self confidence and determination.