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Biswadip Gupta

When Bidisha first met me and talked about Mukti, I wondered if it was another one of those NGO initiatives that we hear about. Her story about young boys mainly from Railway platforms, addicted to solvents, was quite compelling. I decided to visit her place where she and her colleagues, especially Bishuda, were helping these kids. It was an experience that was very touching and I was very impressed with the quality of work and effort that they were putting in to bring these boys back to normal lives. They are  not only addressing the de addiction part, they are also helping these kids to get rehabilitated so that they do not go back to their earlier problems.
Unfortunately, all these initiatives that are driven by passion, need financial support to sustain. These are all 24X7 operations, and need resources to deliver quality results. In my small way I am happy to touch these unfortunate kids through Mukti.
I wish all success to Bidisha and her amazing colleagues.

Biswadip Gupta