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Mukti traces its journey to the efforts of two ex-addicts and a social workers resolve to provide support to adult addicts. They rented a house in Teghoria in 2002 and the first tentative step towards the realisation of their dream was taken. However, in the course of their work they realised that there was another area that was crying out for intervention. Intervention to rehabilitate platform kids and street children, all of them addicts almost without exception, was inadequte in relation to the needs. Mukti therefore decided in 2006 to shift their focus to this target group while continuing their work with the adult addicts. Mukti had the infrastructure and the experience. All that was needed was to extend their experience vertically. An outreach programme was started at Sealdah and simultaneously Mukti rented space in Deshodrone in Rajarahat and then the residential rehab programme for the kids started. The kids now have access to formal and informal educational facilities and vocational training. Mukti also started a non-formal educational facility at Chengail, Howrah, for child labour. Mukti has just extended its work to computer literacy for the underprivileged.