De-addiction Program (Residential)



Drug and Alcohol abuse is a serious problem adversely affecting the social fabric of the country. Mukti started the De-addiction program in 2002 with 20 beds which were increased to 30 beds subsequently. With a team of qualified doctors, Psychologists, counselors and social workers, Mukti has been able to help Drug Addicts and Alcoholics come out of addiction and lead a productive and responsible life. The unit is licensed under the Mental Health Act, 1987



We intervene through a holistic process involving

· Medical Treatment

· Group therapy

· Occupational therapy

· Self Help Group orientation

· Vocational training

· Networking for Job Placement



With facilities for

· Residential Care

· Detoxification

· Psychotherapy

· Day care

· Relapse Prevention Program

· Ambulance services

Mukti caters to all sections of the population and targets to cater to around 200 persons a year.