MUKTI, an escape from hapless poverty, social preconceived notion and a new approach to life where each and every individual finds a safe and a loving environment to grow up and where their self dignity is respected and upheld. 

Mukti was established in 2002 with a mission to combat the menace of addiction, plaguing our society. With experience, the promoters of Mukti could appreciate that the social problems of addiction was far more deep rooted. The children, particularly from the marginalized section of the society were at greater risk and an intervention from Mukti at this level was required to effectively contribute in this fight against addiction. With this changed perception, the mission statement of Mukti underwent a change and a program of detoxification and rehabilitation of street children was subsequently started.

Mukti provides a welcome and safe environment for addicted adults and children who are otherwise seen as a burden to the family and rejected by society. The organization enables adults and children with different abilities to come together and have an opportunity for de addiction along with education on self help skills, communication skills, literacy skills and behavioral modification. Psychiatric support, counseling and therapeutic intervention are also made available to all of them. 

The outreach program at Sealdah railway station caters to children as well as adults. Mukti is a part of the Child Protection Committee set by the Railways and beneficiaries are helped through rehabilitation program and placement through our network with other agencies.

Non Formal School at Chengail run by Mukti helps children who are engaged in different forms of Labour. 

The children living in the slums could not get access to computer education which has become an integral part of life. Mukti runs a Computer Literacy Program at Rajarhat.


Empowerment of women is also a much required aspect of the society. Empowerment of women will create an environment for women where they can make decisions of their own for their personal benefits as well as for the society. To empower the women living in surrounding areas Mukti runs its Skill Development Program(Tailoring unit) – PRAGATI at Rajarhat. 

Non Formal School at Rajarhat confers supporting hand to children and adults living in nearby slums. 

Mukti runs an English Tutorial at Rajarhat. The aim of the English Class is to impart Basic English knowledge to adolescents as well as adults living in nearby slums. 

Child Guidance & Protection Unit at Park Circus is an endeavor of Mukti to protect each and every Child. It is established with the sole purpose of understanding, preventing, and relieving psychologically-based distress and to promote subjective well being and personal development in Children. 

Mukti envisages a society where no person would be deprived of their rights and every person would be a contributing member of the society