Rehabilitation Program(Residential) for Solvent Addicted Children


In general, majority of street children in India are boys with little or no education, and they sleep in the open with no access to toilets. Most of the children who live on the streets or railway stations are addicted to solvents and other drugs.  Even Children from privileged background are getting addicted.

Mukti set up a program for these children in the year 2007. In 2014 a separate house was rented to house the beneficiaries.Our residential capacity was 15 boys in 2014,which was raised to 25 boys in 2015. Mukti ensures the Rights of these children, and provides a dynamic, real time rescue and rehab mission in multiple stages for destitute street children with a focus on a high “turnaround success rate”.

Rescue: addicted street children and children residing on Sealdah station platforms are identified and brought to the drop- in centre located at Sealdah.

Primary rehab: The centre in-charge initiates the primary rehabilitation effort by providing a mid day meal and engaging them for 4-5 hours in activities every day to reduce the exposure to drug addiction.

Rehab review: An assessment of the children of drop-in centre is made periodically. 


Next level rehab: better performing children are then brought to the main rehabilitation centre located at Dashadrone, Rajarhat for a turnaround.

Secondary rehab: Poor performers are continued at the drop- in centre till their performance justifies their inclusion in the core rehabilitation program.

We run effective, clinically informed detoxification missions to rescue and rehab ‘patients’ from substance abuse. Detoxification and core rehabilitation program starts at the main centre. There are no age and/ or financial means restrictions for ‘entry’ to this rehab program.

The program consists of the following focal methodology conducted under the supervision of expert personnel:

· Life style modification

· Counseling

· Psychological counseling sessions

· Group activities

We provide a one stop 24x7 center for mainstreaming rehabilitated destitute street children through well thought out skills development programs. 

The program consists of multiple steps under the supervision of expert personnel, viz. Literacy, Non formal schooling, Formal schooling, and Vocational Training.